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Materials must be in English.

You will be asked to provide:

  • Name, position, institution, professional address, email, and phone of the candidate
  • A brief biography of the candidate.
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae
  • A letter of support (should come from a person who can speak to the candidate’s professional work and character)
    • This letter should provide more insight into the candidate’s work and discuss their accomplishments. The letter can be written by a colleague, supervisor, or another professional in the field who is familiar with the candidate's work.
    • Up to two additional letters from different nominators may be submitted (not required).

Self-Nominations are permitted!


  • Candidate must be a current, well-respected researcher or academic in the field of behavioral sciences;
  • Candidate must have shown a substantial contribution to the field of behavioral science;
    • Contributions may include research, publications, professorship, mentorship, etc.
  • Candidate should be an engaging and dynamic speaker;
  • Candidate must uphold standards of professional ethics and scientific integrity.